Frequently Asked Questions

Black Diamond Enterprise (BDE) is an asset backed token where one token represents one part of projects assets. Token is backed by assets like real estate, gold, crypto etc. BDE token gives costumers the benefit against in bad economic times by investing in variety of different assets.

Black Diamond Enterprise token is part of Binance smart contract network. Black Diamond Enterprise charges only (0,5%) on every transaction. Fee is going towards liquidity pool. For holding BDE token there is no fee. Sending tokens for other wallet will include networkfee.

Projects development depends on many varioty things. Black Diamond Enterprise token can grow steadily with good value or it can grow slow for long time but if we all work towards our biggest goal we can achieve innovating token. How ever we are in crypto market and everyone knows that everything can be unexpected.

We are real estate investors who decided create our own project and expand our business towards defi world. We have big picture what we can offer to our customers with a blockchain tecnology.

  • Our mission is to connect various of assets and combining it to our token which gives protection against bearmarkets.
  • We offer our community defferent services and rewards.